everteen Menstrual Cup

Be Unstoppable Even In Menstrual Period With everteen Menstrual Cup

What is everteen Menstrual Cup?

everteen® Menstrual Cup is a quality product from everteen®, which offers India’s largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. The everteen® Menstrual Cup is highly comfortable to wear and gives you the freedom to perform all your favorite sports and outdoor activities such as yoga, dancing, swimming and more. Made of medical-grade silicon, the everteen® Menstrual Cup is soft, easy, 100% safe to use and does not cause skin irritation.

everteen® Menstrual Cup is available in 02 sizes – Small and Large. The small cup can hold up to 23ml of fluid and is recommended for light-to-normal flow. The large cup can hold up to 30ml of fluid and is recommended for normal-to-heavy flow.

everteen Menstrual Cup Features

Reusable for as long as 10 years


No menstrual odour, dryness, discomfort, itching or rashes caused by sanitary napkin pads


Lesser need to remove and reinsert compared to changing sanitary pads


Lesser cramps due to the suction created by the seal of the everteen® Menstrual Cup


No risk of flooding or period disasters due to sneezing

Why Use everteen Menstrual Cup ?

everteen Menstrual cup is the safest, easiest and healthiest way of menstrual hygiene management. Made of medical grade silicon, everteen menstrual cup is very convenient and comfortable. Menstrual cup provides better and longer leak protection (as long as 12 hours) against menstrual fluid than tampons and pads. everteen Menstrual cups are chemical free and manufactured at USFDA approved unit. By using everteen menstrual cup, you not only save environment but you also save money. So you need not to spend money every month on tampons & pads which makes menstrual cup as the most economical solution for menstrual period.

Freedom of activity

everteen menstrual cup allows you move freely. You can run, swim, dance or perform any of your favorite activity with menstrual cup. Many women complain of rashes or discomfort with sanitary pads however this is not the case with menstrual cup. Since menstrual cup is inserted inside, you can move freely without any fear of wetness, pad rashes or infection.


Due to its flexible material of medical grade silicon, you just don’t feel it. everteen Menstrual cup provides 12 hours leak protection so that there are no frequent changes like pads. You just insert it once and relieve yourself from any distractions related to period. Unlike pads which need to be changed every 4-5hours, menstrual cup gives you 12 hours of undisturbed working.


everteen menstrual cups are chemical free. The pads or tampons contain bleach, artificial fragrance or other toxins that can cause vaginal irritation or discomfort. Along with the menstrual blood, our vagina secrets other fluids too which is important for the vaginal environment. A tampon absorbs everything and that includes these necessary vaginal secretions too. Menstrual cup does not absorb anything; it just collects the blood and does not disturb the internal environment of vagina. Menstrual cup does not interfere with the pH level of vagina.


Now you are no more running to the stores every month to buy those pads (Less visits to chemists). With everteen menstrual cup, you not only save money but you save time & those monthly visits to the stores for buying the pads. There is no more back of mind worries related to availability of pads and unexpected period. everteen Menstrual cup is a one-time investment that relieves you for as long as 10 years. Unlike pad where you spend minimum Rs.100/- every month just for your period, the per month cost of menstrual cup is as low as Rs.4/-.


Most women suffer from infection and irritation when they are using sanitary pads for hours while cups are made from materials that do not contain harmful chemicals. There are no worries related to rashes or infection which happened due to sanitary pad.

Control odor

Unlike pads, everteen menstrual cup provides the best protection against odor. Menstrual blood starts to smell when it is exposed to air. When exposed to air, menstrual fluid can give off a unique and somewhat unpleasant odor. everteen Menstrual cups forms an airtight seal and prevent air from reaching the blood preventing bad smells from occurring.


It is estimated that approximately 20 sanitary pads per month are used by a woman that is equal to using 240 pads in a year. Considering 40 years worth of periods, a woman uses almost 9600 pads in her lifespan of menstruating. Since the pads are made of plastic sheets consisted of low-density polythene, we can imagine the kind of waste produced due to usage of sanitary pads when it is multiplied with billions of menstruating women in India. By using sanitary pads we are creating tons of plastic which does not break down easily and leach hazardous chemicals. The sanitary pads are non-compostable which flows into our sewerage systems and fields causing a huge environmental and health risk. By using menstrual cup, you help in decreasing the carbon footprint and it is a mini yet effective step towards making environment healthy.

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