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What Is everteen Applicator Tampons ?


everteen® Applicator Tampons are a quality product from everteen®, which offers India’s largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. Manufactured at USFDA-approved unit, everteen® Applicator Tampons are certified with rigorous international guidelines for safety and efficacy

so you know you are buying the best for your intimate needs. everteen® Applicator Tampons adjust perfectly to your shape, giving superior leak protection. Each tampon is individually wrapped so you have the freedom to carry optimal number of tampons that you need. Now you can wear underwear and clothes of your choice even during periods without any embarrassment or pad lines showing up. everteen® Applicator Tampons are available in four absorbencies – Lite, Regular, Super and SuperPlus.

everteen Applicator Tampons

If you are a first-time user, always start with lowest absorbency and increase it based on your exact requirement to find your right fit. Since the flow varies on different days during the period cycle, you may have to use different absorbencies for each day depending on the flow. For example, you may start with lowest absorbency (Lite) on the first day and then switch to moderate (Regular) or higher (Super) absorbency on 2nd & 3rd day when the menstruation flow is heavy. everteen® Applicator Tampon SuperPlus is generally required only by those women who experience particularly high degree of flow and should be used with caution depending on need. everteen® Applicator Tampons Super offer 9-12g absorbency and are ideal for light to moderate menses.

everteen Applicator Tampon – Types & Absorbencies

everteen Applicator Tampons are available in four absorbencies – Lite, Regular, Super and SuperPlus. We recommend that you always begin with the lowest absorbency and gradually move up depending on your need. You may have to use different absorbencies during your period cycle based on your flow, especially on Day II & III when the menstruation flow is heavy.

Absorbency Of everteen Applicator Tampon In Accordance With The USFDA Guidelines:

The numeric value in the table above shows the absorbency of each type of everteen Applicator Tampon. For example, the Lite version of everteen Applicator Tampon (<6) can absorb approximately 6gm of fluid. Similarly, the SuperPlus version of everteen Applicator Tampon can absorb approximately 12-15gm of fluid.

TypeAbsorbency (in gm)Menstruation FlowValue
Lite< 6Light
Regular6 – 9Light to Moderate
Super9 – 12 Moderate
SuperPlus12 – 15Moderate to Heavy

Choose the right everteen Applicator Tampon as per absorbency

The menstruation flow varies from day to day during the period cycle. The menstrual flow might be lower on the first day and heavy on Day II and III and then again taper down towards the end of the cycle. You should use your everteen Applicator Tampon as per the flow and absorbency. Use Lite everteen Tampon when the menstrual fluid is low and switch to Regular or Super everteen Applicator Tampon when the flow is moderate or heavy. SuperPlus everteen Applicator Tampon is generally required only by those women who experience particularly high degree of flow and should be used with caution depending on need.

How to use everteen Applicator Tampons

If you are using a tampon for first time, then first thing to do is to ‘be relaxed’ as it is natural to feel a bit nervous at your first attempt. However, using a tampon is very easy and in just a few attempts, you will be able to insert it comfortably and appropriately.

The everteen Applicator Tampon includes two parts:


Made of 100% viscose fabric, this is the actual part that stays inside the vagina for absorption of the menstrual flow. This part gives you 100% protection from any leakage during the periods.tampor is very useful for during the periods


This tubular plastic shell consists of two tubes and is used to insert the viscose tampon inside vagina. Both the outer tubes should be taken out and discarded once the tampon has been placed inside the vagina.

How to insert the tampon with the help of the applicator

The tampon should feel comfortable once it is in. The extractor cord string is meant to hang out of your vagina, which you will use to pull the tampon back out after use. You should ideally change your tampon after every 4-6 hours.

Removing the tampon is very easy. Just pull the string of the tampon slowly outwards. Don’t worry if the string gets detached from the tampon. Just sit in a squat position with your legs wide open and insert your fingers in your vagina to pull the tampon out. Please do not flush the tampon. Discard it properly in a garbage bin.

Make sure that you wash your hands properly before inserting a tampon


Wash your vaginal area with everteen Natural Intimate Wash or wipe it with everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes to retain the optimal pH levels.


Sit in a squat position or on a Western toilet seat (WC) with your legs spread out on either side of the seat.


With one hand, gently open the folds of the skin around the opening of your vagina.


Hold the Everteen Applicator Tampon from the middle and gently push it into your vagina,


including the plastic shells and the viscose tampon inside them.


Once the applicator is inside, push the inner shell of the tube through the outer shell of the tube so that the tampon gets placed inside.


Now, gently pull the outer tube out of your vagina so that both parts of the applicator come out.



The tampons should be used only during menstrual periods.


Never use a tampon for non-period days for protection against urine leakage or vaginal discharge.


If you have a problem related to urine incontinence or vaginal discharge,


you should always use everteen Daily Panty Liners for period or non-period days.


Never use a tampon for more than 8 hours continuously


If you are using tampons at night during sleep, ensure that you change it within 8 hours.


Always begin by using the lowest absorbency tampon.


Always wash or wipe your vaginal area before and after using a tampon.


If you notice symptoms such as sudden fever, vomiting, fainting, diarrhea, dizziness etc.


you must immediately remove the tampon and consult a physician.


Important Note About Toxic Shock Syndrome

Although rare, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a real and serious disease which can even lead to death.


As a leading brand of feminine hygiene products, everteen makes it a responsibility to help you make informed choice about using a tampon.


Any brand or type of tampon – especially those that are superabsorbent – can lead to TSS, by catalyzing the environment for growth of a bacterial infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus.


If you see any of these warning signs of TSS, make sure you consult a physician immediately before using a tampon.


Never use a tampon for more than 8 hours continuously


Sudden high fever.


Low blood pressure


Vomiting or diarrhea


A rash resembling a sunburn, particularly on your palms and soles.


Muscle aches


Redness of your eyes, mouth and throat


Seizures or headaches


Skin wounds or surgery


In some cases, TSS can progress rapidly and even cause complications such as shock, renal failure or death.


Scientific studies have shown that the risk of TSS is higher among women below 30 years or teenage girls.


If you had recent surgery or viral infection (flu or chickenpox), then you are at a high risk of TSS and should avoid using a tampon


You can reduce your risk of TSS by alternating tampons with sanitary pads, using the right absorbency of tampons, or not using a tampon.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Tampon goes very deep and lost inside?

Relax. The opening of the uterus (cervix) is very small and it is impossible for any tampon to make way too deep. The tampon will always be in your reach and in any situation, you can pull it out by the extractor string or fingers.

How often should I change my tampon?

It is recommended that you change your tampon in every 4-6 hours, though it also depends on your menstrual flow and usage pattern, for example during sleep. It helps you stay fresh and have better control over your period by changing it on time. If the flow is very heavy, you may have to change it every 4 hours. In any case, you must not use the same tampon beyond 8 hours.

How do I know about the time to change the tampon?

When your tampon is full, you will get the same feeling which you get while using the pad. Even if you don’t get a feeling of fullness but notice any leak or menstrual fluid coming down the string, then also you should change the tampon.

Can I use the tampon during sleep and overnight?

Yes, you can use a tampon during sleep, but you should remember to change it within a maximum of 8 hours. If you tend to sleep for longer hours, then you should consider using Everteen 100% cotton top sanitary napkin pads during sleep.

Can I go swimming or dancing or for play any sport with tampons on?

. Definitely yes! It is one of the greatest advantage of using tampons over sanitary pads that you can enjoy your favorite sports during your periods without making it wet. You can go for swimming, dancing, gyming or any outdoor activity during periods. Everteen tampons give you superior leak protection so that you can enjoy full control over your activity even during periods. We recommend that you use a fresh tampon before swimming and change it immediately after coming out of water.

How to dispose the tampon?

Never flush the tampon. Wrap the used Tampon in a toilet paper and deposit it in the garbage bin.

Can I use a tampon for non-period days in case of urine leakage or vaginal discharge?

No. You should never use a tampon for vaginal discharge or urine leakage. Instead, you can use Everteen 100% cotton-top daily panty liners for protection against leakage and discharge during period and non-period days.

Will I lose my virginity by using a tampon?


Which absorbency is suitable for me?

The absorbency is related to the menstrual flow. If you have low menstrual flow, you should opt for Lite absorbency. If you have moderate to heavy menstrual flow, you should opt for Regular or Super absorbency. You may have to switch the absorbency during your period cycle as the menstrual flow varies from day to day. You should always start with the lowest absorbency.

Can I urinate with my tampon on?

Yes. USe of tampon does not affect your urination habits as it does not block the renal pathway. The urethral opening that carries urine from your bladder is very tiny. The tampon goes into the vaginal opening, which is just underneath the urethral exit and is much larger, so a tampon does not create any obstruction to urination. However, when you pee, there is a possibility that a few drops of urine might fall on the extractor string of the tampon which is okay.

Do tampons hurt while walking or running?

No. If you are a first-time user, then you might feel uncomfortable initially. But as you use them regularly, you will feel more comfortable and start enjoying the convenience and freedom of using tampons.

Which is better for me - a pad or a tampon?

Both pads and tampons offer good personal hygiene during periods. Tampons have an advantage that they give you a little extra liberty such as going for water based sports during periods, which is not possible while using sanitary pads. The sanitary pad would absorb the water instead of menstrual blood and can mix your menstrual fluid in the pool water. If you have sleeping patterns that extend more than 8 hours, it may be better to use sanitary pads.

What if I don’t find the extractor string of tampon while removing it?

Tampon string is very durable and should ideally not break under normal circumstances. But even if it does, don’t stress. You can still remove your Tampon by washing your hands properly and sitting in a squat position. Insert your index and middle fingers inside your vagina and reach for the tampon. Hold it with the grip of your fingers and pull it out gently. In the rare possibility, if you are still not able to pull it out, reach to your doctor immediately.

What if I keep the tampon on for more than 8 hours?

It is strongly recommended not to keep the tampon inserted for more than 8 hours as it can seriously disturb your personal hygiene and even cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which progresses rapidly.

Can a tampon fall out of vagina while walking or running?

No, it is not possible if you have inserted it correctly.

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