Daily Panty Liners

Everyday freshness with ultra thin and 100% natural cotton
surface for instant dry and soft feel.


Best daily panty liner for everyday protection


everteen® Daily Panty Liners are specially designed to for comfortable every day wear. everteen® Panty Liners are perfect for providing everyday protection from vaginal (white) discharge, urine leakage or spotting due to unexpected periods. everteen® Daily Panty Liners absorb all the wetness instantly and help you keep your panty clean, fresh and stain-free.

Why use everteen® Daily Panty Liners?

Vaginal Discharge- Unpleasant Odour Vaginal Itching & Irritation Vaginal Infection


Urine Leakage – Natural pH Balance Vaginal Flora


Unexpected Periods- Vaginal Hygiene Vaginal Moisture Everyday Freshness

Keep your panty stain-free, clean and dry throughout the day

Now you can laugh out loud with no embarrassing moment of bladder leakage or discharge.

No more messing with your panty and your clothes due to laugh, cough or sneeze. everteen daily panty liners protect your innerwear and clothes being ruined by discharge, urine leakage or unexpected period.

everteen® 100% Natural Cotton-Top Daily Panty Liners

Everyday protection from light discharge, urine leakage & unexpected periods


100% natural cotton surface for instant dry and soft feel


Anti-bacterial negative ion strip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates bad odour


Ultra-thin and extra absorbent liners for everyday freshness


Breathable layers help keep moisture away


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